Recovery Happens Counseling Services is a provider of high quality outpatient treatment for people in all stages of alcohol and substance use – from experimentation to addiction. Our commitment is to work closely with the individual and family to help the client become drug free. Then the goal is to illuminate and treat the underpinning issues which supported emotional dysregulation and addiction.


Recovery Happens provides standardized assessments for all clients, offered through doctoral interns supervised by Dr. Angela Chanter.

Individual Counseling

It is recognized that almost all substance abusers begin treatment without the motivation to change. The first task of treatment is to help the drug user develop a greater recognition of the problem. Each individual session has a specific purpose in the structured process to guide and support the growing motivation to change.

Family Sessions

Experience show that recovery will be long lasting, only if changes continue to be made in several key areas in a person’s life. The Family Education Program is structured to help parents and guardians understand their crucial role in the recovery process. Participation in this part of the program is mandatory.

Group Sessions

In addition to individual counseling, clients are asked to participate in a group session, which provides a supportive group of peers also working towards recovery. Groups are very effective in helping stay out of denial, learning vulnerability in relationship, and gaining a new support system for the journey of recovery.

Recovery Happens offers separate adult male and female groups, as well as separate teen male and female groups.

Additional groups offered for the family:

Parent Groups – for those with a child struggling with addiction
Spouse Groups – for those with a spouse struggling with addiction
Sibling Groups – for those whose sibling is struggling with addiction
Child Groups – for children whose parent(s) are struggling with addiction
Group with a therapeutic animal in attendance

Christian counselors are available upon request.