Recovery Happens is committed to serving those effected by drug and substance abuse, along with their family system, in order to bring sustainable change to those suffering from addiction.

Core Beliefs

Any chemical use is potentially harmful

A person under the influence of mood altering substances has an impaired ability to make healthy decisions and their brain chemistry is being altered.

Substance abuse is an emotional illness

After a relationship with drugs or alcohol has developed, the ability to identify, express, and cope with emotions is damaged and emotions become numbed and distorted.

Addiction is a biochemical disease

Addiction is a primary, chronic, progressive disease that has its roots in genetics, brain chemistry and attachment.

Substance abuse occurs in all kinds of families

Substance abuse crosses the lines of gender, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, and spiritual and religious beliefs.

Everyone in the family is effected by chemical abuse

Family members and others close to a person who is abusing chemicals are affected by the use and the consequences of that use.

Recovery requires support

Essential elements of recovery are lifestyle change and support.