For Parents

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Phase 1 Class

Understanding the parent’s role in intervention, breaking denial and recovery.
  • Online PDF version of “Help Your Child Become Drug Free” book
  • Drug Trends
  • Progression of Chemical Use from Experimentation to Addiction
  • The Emotional Illness of Substance Abuse and the Disease of Addiction
  • The Home Contract
  • How to Drug Test Your Child
  • The Six Stages of Recovery

Phase 2 Class

Importance of Parental Relationship: breaking the relationship to intoxication.
  • Therapists, 12-Step Fellowship: Who’s Responding to the Call?
  • The need to “Feel Felt” – having experience that parents “get them”
  • American Culture: Solution focused, achievement, production oriented parenting vs. relational parenting
  • Slowing down and creating space for your child to grow
  • Parental emotional, psychological and relational development
  • Not powerless, but have a powerful role