Staff and Faculty Education

Recovery Happens has been in partnership with schools for over a decade to bring relevant solutions to the epidemic of adolescent drug use. Educators and school personnel are on the frontlines of identifying youth who struggle with drug and substance abuse. Rather than simply suspending students, which offers no help to the student or family, and negatively impacts the school on loss of attendance credit, Recovery Happens presents a different, collaborative approach. Recovery Happens additionally has clinicians regularly on school campuses to offer intervention and education.

Student Assemblies/Classroom Education

Recovery Happens offers a relevant message to students through assemblies and individual classroom workshops regarding the truth about drug addiction, its effects on the developing brain, and the impact it has on relationships.

Parent Educational Nights

The drugs of today are very different, and much more damaging than the drugs that were around 15 – 30 years ago. Often times parents are unaware of current drug trends, have succumbed to the societal belief that marijuana is not a big deal, or simply do not know what to look for and how to respond to their child regarding drug use. Recovery Happens comes alongside parents to educate and empower them to respond in a healthy, proactive way.

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