Tramice Walker is a Marriage and Family Therapy Trainee who is currently completing the master’s program at Western Seminary. Tramice has a passion for serving others and devoted her time to this cause since she was a child. She enjoys and has experience working with individuals of diverse economic backgrounds. Tramice views the therapeutic relationship as a journey and a partnership with the client.

Andrea currently is licensed as an Associate Marriage and Family Counselor, and an Associate Professional Counselor. Andrea is passionate about working with individuals, children-teens, and families on issues regarding addictions, grief & loss, crisis-of-life developments, anxiety, depression, trauma, and issues of homelessness-poverty.
Andrea received her Bachelor’s in Psychology with a minor in Biblical studies from William Jessup University. Graduated in 2019 from Western Seminary with a Master of Arts in Counseling with certification in addiction studies.
Andrea has experience working within a psychiatric facility. She has training in DBT therapy and applies techniques in session, in which she finds individuals have the greatest wellness outcomes as a result. She aims to help promote mental and emotional healing by encouraging people in treatment to be compassionate toward themselves and other people; which can help regulate mood and lead to feelings of safety. Andrea is also trained in BrainSpotting, a form of psychotherapy that uses the field of vision to access traumatic memories.

Carolin Gardner is a Marriage and Family Therapist trainee under the supervision of Dr. Angela Chanter, licensed Clinical Psychologist. She is finishing her master’s in Counseling and Psychology at William Jessup University. Carolin is hardworking, empathic, and compassionate for those who suffer and their families who care for them. Helping others live their best life is what Carolin enjoys doing.

Angelique Bailey is a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee under the supervision of Dr. Angela Chanter, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. She graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology and is finishing up the last year of her Master’s program in Counseling Psychology, with a specialization in Crisis Counseling. Angelique has over 10 years of experience working with teens, young adults, and families. Angelique’s passion is to see individuals collectively and individually flourish towards their full potential while bringing healing and restoration to their lives through therapy.

My name is Jamie Zuromski, I am a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. I graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Cal Poly University, and my Master’s degree (MFT and LPCC) in Psychology from John F. Kennedy University.
I’ve worked with teens and adults, one on one and in groups, for the past three years, specializing in issues of substance abuse/addiction, grief/loss, self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.
As your therapist, my job is to help you notice your gifts, challenges, traits, abilities, and beliefs. I’ll reflect back to you things that are already yours, from unknown hardships to unremembered resources. I’m here to help you remember who you really are. I’ve lived a life that has forced me to befriend my own dark places, and walk with them in ways that are gifts, not burdens. I’d be honored to help you do the same.

Kelsey is also certified drug and alcohol counselor (CADAC I, #Ci27700719) and an associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT, 116429). Kelsey has her masters in marriage and family therapy from Alliant International University. She has her bachelors in biology from California State University, East Bay. Kelsey her associates degree in human services and chemical dependency from American River College. Kelsey has several years’ experience working with substance abuse and severe mental illness with Next Move by Goodwill. Kelsey has been with Recovery Happens for several years.

Kelsey wants to help facilitate you building a deeper connection with yourself and with others so you can find your happiness. She has a passion for working with those suffering with substance abuse, trauma, those going through life transitions, relational issues, and teenage struggles. She views therapy as a collaborative effort between the client and therapist. She supports her client’s unique individuality, life experiences, and personal story. She has a passion for guiding her clients through their journey of finding peace and balance in their life.

Skyler Sanderson is a Clinical Team Member at Recovery Happens. She is currently in school working on her undergrad to pursue a degree in Psychology and is in her last semester of Internship in the Addiction Studies Program at Diablo Valley College to receive her CADCI certification. Skyler has also been working in the field of Behavior Health for the last couple of years as a technician for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) and works very closely with her patients to help treat their depression and anxiety.
Skyler’s personal experience in overcoming chemical dependency that started as a teenager, has given her a great deal of knowledge in how to connect and understand adolescents in their struggle with substance abuse. Her experience has led her to strive to learn as much education about addiction as possible so that she can better help people in the midst of this disease.

My name is Bella Boas and I am a Marriage, Couples and Marriage Therapist Trainee with a specialization in addiction. I am currently finishing my last year at Western Seminary. I have been working with teenagers for the past seven years and have a passion for working with adolescents and families. Creating a safe environment where relationship can thrive is vital to the success of therapy. It brings me joy to spend time outdoors adventuring.

Kaleb Boas is a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee under the supervision of Dr. Angela Chanter, Licensed Clinical Psychologist. He graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from California State University San Marcos and is finishing up his last year of his Masters program for Marriage, couples and family counseling with a specialization in addiction studies at Western Seminary. Kaleb has a passion for working with individuals and families and has dedicated his career to pursue this goal. He has spent the last eight years working with teens and young adults and loves working alongside families.

Program Director San Rafael

Dr. Waldron, a licensed marriage and family therapist and board certified art therapist, earned her doctorate from Notre Dame de Namur University. Drawing on her background as an artist and a writer, she has facilitated individual, group, and family therapy along with art therapy workshops in a variety of settings. She has experience in trauma-informed education and specialty mental health treatment programs, various short- and long-term residential treatment settings for adolescents, a six-week functional restoration program for chronic pain, and in medical and psychiatric hospital settings.
Additionally, Dr. Waldron has worked with teenage athletes and has traveled twice to Nicaragua where she provided community-based expressive art experiences. She has also served on the teaching faculty and has participated in research and publications for the Graduate Art Therapy Psychology department at NDNU. Dr. Waldron is passionate about awakening creativity as a means of empowerment for families and communities that have struggled with adverse experiences, and she is active in the recovery community.