Well, we have known that Colorado has been one of the biggest human and societal studies of what would happen if marijuana were legal for recreational use. Here are some of the results. Being that many states will be voting on similar initiatives in November, I wanted to share data with you on this topic so that you have informed consent. The data are presented in the pdf below:

2015 Legalization of marijuana in Colorado Impact Study

2016 The Brain and THC: Facts to Know and Share

2016 Skunk Bud: Facts to Know and Share

2016 Do You Know: Facts to Know and Share

2016 Quick Facts by Roger Morgan


I just wrote the articles below (Daily, 2016)

2016 Addicts Don’t Hit Bottom Untill The System Does First: We have Enabled This Addiction

2016 Teen/YA Marijuana Use: NewsFlash


This DVD is a must own. Check out the YouTube videos

The video below puts marijuana and our current heroin problem in total perspective! It is a must see.

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